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Digital can greatly improve access and interactions with health professionals and patients, using such tools as online, apps, webinars, video and virtual conferencing. Find out more >>

Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference

Make the most of key speakers by capturing their presentation on video or audio. Their presentation can be synced with their original slide presentation to make a valuable online resource.

Managed Webinars

Managed Webinars

A webinar is an online presentation that enables a presenter to communicate to many people at the same time over the Internet. Read More>>


Patient Audit Systems

Today, there is a mass of information being generated within hospitals, surgeries and clinics. This information in itself contains vast amounts of details and potentially important data that can help Health Care Professionals and individuals. Read More >


What digital services do patients want from pharma?

Two recent reports highlight the deficiencies in eHealth and the opportunities that exist for those companies providing digital services to patients. Increasingly there is an expectation that these types of digital services...


Why isn’t Pharma using new digital technology?

With all the tools that are available today, it is still surprising that the pharmaceutical industry stick to the old concept of static display content. Today this content is digital, typically PDFs on iPads, but still...